Partners – products and services

We work with a variety of local partners in the fields of production, design, consultancy and other services, who are looking at expanding their markets or finding new partners for their projects, production or for other mutually beneficial cooperation.

One of these partners produce high-quality electric welded wire mesh products, including: fences, cages for poultry and other animal farms, gabions and others.

The electric welded wire mesh gabions which they produce are made of certified and high-quality materials with modern machines and equipment.  The gabions (wire baskets filled with rocks) are very popular in Western Europe for reinforcement of riversides, bridges, canals, landslides and roadsides and other construction and reinforcement needs.

Everything about the benefits of the electric welded wire mesh gabions as compared to the traditional reinforced steel and other types of gabions can be found here.


If you need more information about the the technical aspects, prices and other questions about this affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly construction material/structure, do not hesitate to contact us.