The advantages of electric welded mesh gabion structures and their different applications:

Our partners produce high-quality electric-welded wire mesh products, including: cages for poultry and animal farms, fences and gabions (“spiralen gabionen” in German) , with guaranteed European quality and at very attractive prices.

Their electric welding machines are top quality and new, and all the materials used for the production are TUV certified and of highest quality.

Our analysis shows that the prices of their gabions delivered to Germany are at least 25-30% lower than the prices of local production.

We are looking for clients or partners interested in these products, because their prices and quality are definitely excellent.  Our partners are also open to any orders for production of other electric-welded wire mesh products or toll manufacturing, in accordance to your technical specifications and requirements.

The conclusions made from the extensive experience in the design and construction work in regions with high seismic activity in Europe, America and Japan, clearly show the advantages of using structures made of wire mesh gabions (wire basket) for retaining walls, as well as for strengthening and  stabilization of the ground as compared to the traditional reinforced concrete structures or other types of  gabions.

Studies and technical analyzes of structures with electric welded wire mesh gabions show that they have the structural flexibility due to their structural characteristics allowing for flexibility and deformation which prevents their destruction and increases the efficiency of the entire structural design.

This is especially useful for the areas where there is a high risk of landslides from eventual earthquakes and other seismic activity, as well as for riverbank or roadside protection, because the structure made of these interconnected gabions filled with stones will endure the deformation, and thus offer much stronger and reliable support.

The structures made of interconnected electric welded wire mesh gabions are very durable to both external and internal pressures. The connection between the gabions, as well as the added vertical diaphragms made of welded wire mesh actually adds to the strength of the structure.

They are fastened to the base and sides of the electric gabions, limiting the internal movement of the stones and providing additional rigidity.

The electric gabions are made in Bulgaria by a company with ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2005, OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates for compliance of materials, the design and production process, quality assurance and all other requirements for meeting all European standards.

If you need more information on prices, sizes, specifications and other issues concerning offered by our partners, please contact us.

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